Saxion international students – Huisartspraktijk M.K. van den Berg – Apeldoorn
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Saxion international students

Family doctor procedure for international students in Apeldoorn

Dear international student,

If you need to see a doctor you can contact our practice. To schedule an appointment, you can send a e-mail to the practice. When it’s about an emergency, please call! Phone number; 055-5214071.

A consult takes about 10 minutes. If you think you need more time, please inform the assistant when you schedule the appointment.

For your appointment:
-Bring cash money. We ask you to pay directly. An invoice will be given to you.
-Bring your ID

Make sure that you are always on time for your appointment or cancel the appointment immediately if the appointment is no longer required!

Please, be aware that it is not comon in the Netherlands to visit a family doctor for each physical discomfort, such as the flu. The assistant might give you medical advise by phone first, instead of scheduling an appointment.

Huisartspraktijk van den Berg
Amphion 34
7314AT Apeldoorn
Tel: 055-5214071